Getting Your Heating Ready For Autumn

10 August 2017
10 August 2017, Comments Comments Off on Getting Your Heating Ready For Autumn

Getting Your Heating Ready For Autumn

With autumn on the way, it’s time to start prepping and priming your heating system. The last thing anyone wants is to find themselves shivering through a crisp autumn night because they didn’t give their heating system the care and attention it needs.

Here are five important things to check with your heating system this autumn:

  1. Start by Checking the Thermostat
    Without a working thermostat, your heating system won’t be able to deliver the results you need. At the bare minimum, you need to check the thermostat to ensure that it switches on and off when needed – and that it’s set to deliver maximum efficiency. But also give thought to purchasing a new smart thermometer that will help to maximise comfort and efficiency.
  1. Clean Vents and Replace Air Filters
    Your heating system’s air filters need to be changed (or at least checked) every two to three months. In the autumn, when you’re making the transition from the air conditioner to the heating system, it’s a good idea to go ahead and change those filters right away. This will set your heating system up for early success and efficiency. It’s also a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned in order to clear out any dust and debris caught in there.
  1. Mend the Insulation and Seals
    Once autumn is on its way, it’s time to take a look at the property’s seals and insulation. Insulation serves an important purpose throughout the year – keeping heat out in the summer and holding it in during winter. Give particular attention to your attic and crawl space, as these are notorious for facilitating heat transfer. You’ll want to check the seals on your doors and windows to ensure they’re intact and operating properly. Use caulk and weather stripping to shore up these seals.
  1. Clean up Debris around Outdoor Units
    In commercial premises it’s important to check the HVAC unit to ensure that it hasn’t been overrun with weeds, debris or fallen leaves. This is an issue that you’ll want to stay on top of throughout the year, and the autumn is no different. However, it’s also a good idea to give this area some extra attention at this time of year. With leaves falling, grasses drying up and cooler north winds sweeping through, it’s important to be vigilant against the build-up of debris.
  1. Schedule a Tune-up
    Finally, the last (and arguably, most important, thing to do for your heating system is to schedule some autumn maintenance. We recommend having your heating and cooling systems checked twice per year – in the spring and autumn. This helps guard against potential problems that are now building up but have yet to hit critical mass. The last thing you want to do is find yourself without heat in the dead of winter, and early maintenance in autumn can help to prevent that.

If your property or commercial holding is located in Somerset or surrounding areas, Westex Heating can perform your autumn maintenance to get your system ready for winter. Contact us now to schedule a visit.