Why Comfort is Vital for Productivity in the Workplace

12 September 2017
12 September 2017, Comments Comments Off on Why Comfort is Vital for Productivity in the Workplace

Why Comfort is Vital for Productivity in the Workplace

How do you react when you’re too hot or cold at work? If you’re like the vast majority of the working population, any sign of discomfort within the workplace will result in a downturn in production. Don’t feel too bad about this. Recent studies by Alan Hedge Ph. D and Cornell University clearly indicate that a comfortable working environment doesn’t just make workers happy, it also helps to improve productivity at the same time.

The Impact of Cold on Workers

The research carried out by Dr Hedge clearly showed that office temperatures had a direct impact on the performance of office workers. Basically, when the office temperature was dropped from a cosy 77 degrees to a nippy 68 degrees, this had a huge effect on the workforce. Typing errors increased by a hefty 74%, whereas typing output dropped by an alarming 46% as workers struggled to cope with the dip in temperature. Take away comfort and the results are clear – people find it hard to concentrate!

The importance of a temperature controlled environment

Having a temperature controlled environment helps to create a comfortable setting where employees can work to their best abilities. During the colder months, it’s important to keep heating systems well maintained and operating at the right temperature to aid worker comfort in all areas. By maintaining thermal comfort and taking sensible precautions to safeguard against losing heat, it’s possible to make your building as efficient as possible. A decent commercial central heating system will help, and you can take extra precautions too, such as sealing window frames properly or fitting window dressings to help retain heat in the building.

What other measures can be taken?

Heating is just one element that helps to support worker comfort. There are other just as important measures you can take to make the workplace a comfier place to be. Examples of this include:

Noise Reduction – Unwanted sound within the workplace can be a constant distraction so explore ways to remedy this. You can set up quiet areas for example where phones are prohibited and use sound-absorbing materials during the planning of office layouts. Headphones can be useful to cancel out unwanted noise, and specialist areas can be established to help boost concentration.

Light Levels – Poor quality lighting in a work setting creates a number of problems including worker fatigue, headaches and anxiety. This is more common in offices where computer workers are staring at computer screens with bright lights overhead. Good lighting helps to maximise comfort and productivity. Therefore, a review of existing lighting systems can be useful, with a reduction of excessive and unwanted levels as the primary focus.

Heating makes the workplace comfy

Is your heating system ready for the winter? The best way to ensure your workers will be cosy, comfortable and therefore productive is to have a boiler serviced to keep it in perfect working order.  Here at Westex, we are experts at commercial heating systems and offer the full complement of maintenance, repairs and breakdown services for boilers and central heating systems throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas in Somerset.

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